Sunday, 5 April 2009

March Cropping

Hiya all,

Jay has asked me to do the post for the March Kirkcaldy Fife Crop, so I've become a contributor so expect to see more of me around these parts (lol). Our Easter Mega Crop was a fab one, with great food (thanks Angie and all who baked and provided chocolate), eggscelent class and fun games (thanks Jane) and fabulous company all around.

Before the crop we were asked to blow out some eggs (a gorgeous job) and decorate them for the Easter tree that Helen made especially for the crop; the eggs would be judged by Helen.
The winners of the competition and winning some fabulous prizes were Lorna in 1st place.......
Judi in 2nd......
And Tracey in 3rd........By lunchtime I think everyone was starving from all the games and laughing, and generally having a good time, and the food was amazing........... (this is everyone gathering around waiting to eat!!!)
Then in the afternoon we did a lovely class with Jane, which was fab. It was making easter gift boxes, which come in very handy especially if you have lots of nephews.........All in all the crop was great, everyone had a lovely time and I can't wait for the next one.

Vicki xxx

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