Sunday, 20 April 2008

OUR CROP Sat 19th April 2008

What a great day ladies, what a great turn out, I think that is the most of us that have been together at one time and it made for a fab day.

Here are some pictures from our Day of creativity.
So first we have Lori, deep in thought over what promises to be a stunning layout.
Christina B and Brenda hard at work.
Christina P taking a hard earned break for some home made cake and a Cuppa.
Some of Our ladies sharing inspiration.
Beckie can be seen here, hard at work with the gorgeous Rusty Pickle Chocolate Bunny papers and a really cute picture of one of her daughters.
And here we have Annette and Judith, who got lost on the way here but when they made it they got straight down to creating. We were so busy we had to get another table out, Just incase anyone thought it was the equivalent of a naughty step. LOL . It was great to have Annette's sister Judith join us for this crop and she is now our out of town member and we hope she comes back to crop when she is visiting Annette again.
Everyone seems to be having a great day, I have just realised that Shona and Liz always have the end table, what do they know that I don't?
Linzie and Gail our two new starters hard at work. I hope you had a great day ladies.
I can't wait for the mega crop it will be such fun. Have a great Month everyone, it was a pleasure spending the day with you all.
Jay xx

Friday, 18 April 2008


For anyone who is coming to the 12 hour crop but wont be with us tommorow, here is the sketch for the competition. I hope you have fun with it.
Looking forward to seeing all your entries.

Jay xx

Crop Day

It's that time again! See you all tommorow.

Jay xx

Saturday, 5 April 2008

2 Weeks till crop time!

It sounds like it will be quite a busy one this month which will be great. Helen where are you? I have not heard from Helen since before last crop when she was away at the ATDML retreat, has anyone else heard from her?

Speaking of Retreats I will be speaking to everyone who has been to retreats in the last 6 months and asking if they can do reviews for us which I can put up here on our blog.

Hope to see you all on the 19th.

Jay xx