Sunday, 18 May 2008

WOW What a MEGA Crop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW!! What a brilliant day, I loved every minute of it, even if I did seem a little stressed at the start.

A big thanks to everyone for making it the day it was and a Huge thanks to Angie (mum) who fed us well and entertained us too.

I have not laughed and relaxed and enjoyed anything as much in a long time.

A massive congrats. to Ali, who on her first crop with us won the Sketch competition. Well done it was a gorgeous layout, I cannot believe I don't have a picture of it but I will get one.

Well done to Helen my new Co-organiser for winning Boffin of the day getting the winnning score of 17 in the crop quiz, after a tie breaker price is right question against Lori.

Thank you so much to Jane who is not only our new class co-ordinator for the crop but also taught a fantastic minibook class pictures of which I will be putting up later.

Thanks again to all of you for making it such a fantastic day and also for enduring my first ever class.

Here are the first pictures of the day.

A record 21 members in the same day, having a great day.

Fun Fun Fun!!

Mt first class, I was really nervous, I have no idea why, I ended up really enjoying it.

Everyone hard at work.

Jo with a huge smile! Did Anne say something rude Jo??
lots more smiling, that has to be a good sign.

Elaine and Tracey deep in concentration

Shona!! after FORCING her to rip and tear her paper! see Shona you can tear up sheets of paper and it looks great.

Janes Fab, Killer Kitty lo! what a lo subjest matter, I bet the cat was proud though.

My class examples.
I will pop some more pictures up in a couple of days. I just can't thank you all enough for making the crop such a great success.
I am looking forward to June already.
Hugs Jay x


Vicki Canning said...

wowo lovely piccies, looks fabby - i can't wait till june!!!

Jay said...

You do look as though you're having a fab time.

Lori said...

Another excellent crop Jay! And another fantastic spread by your mum! Your class was fab, don't know why you were so stressed about it!